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The Top 25 Most Popular Villain GIFs

by Soraya Alcalá

1. Scar

King of the GIFs will have to suffice for this wannabe King of the Jungle.

2. Michael Myers

Knife-wielding maniac Myers will have to set aside his feud with Laurie to claim his silver medal.

3. Wicked Witch of the West

This witch may not have gotten the ruby slippers, but she did nab 3rd place in the most popular GIF list

4. Jason Voorhees

Camp Crystal Lake is missing an occupant while Jason gains popularity as the 4th GIF on the list

5. Agent Smith

The matrix collides with the real world as Agent Smith laughs his way to 5th place

6. Patrick Bateman

Turns out money can’t buy you happiness or the top spot for the list of popular villain GIF

7. Jack Torrance

Jack Torrance shines in his 7th place spot for top most popular villain GIFs

8. Tony Montana

Say hello to our 8th most popular GIF villain—just be sure to leave the cannolis

9. Pennywise

We all float too but only Pennywise makes it into the top ten GIFs

10. Sauron

This ring-welding fiend may have had his eye set to first place but comes in at 10th instead

11. Saruman

It doesn’t take a Palantiri to see that this villain makes for a classic 11th place GIF

12. Norman Bates

We don’t want to shower this motel owner with too much praise, but we hope he enjoys his stay at 12th place

13. Lord Voldemort

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named casts a spell over our list of top 25 villain GIFs as unlucky number 13

14. The Joker

This villain may have many faces, but one thing stays the same—people love a good Joker GIF

15. Hans Landa

Egotistical Hans Landa may have set his sights on the top 10, but his ambition can only get him so far

16. Hans Gruber

This famous villain may be more popular at Christmas time but it doesn’t stop him from the top 25 most popular villain GIF list

17. Freddy Krueger

Nightmares really do come true as Freddy leaves Elm’s Street to snatch a spot in the top 25

18. Darth Vader

The GIF force is strong with our 18th place winner

19. Thanos

It’s going to take more than a snap to get this Titan to first place

20. Loki

The god of mischief reigns as number 20 on our popular villains GIF list

21. Bane

Bane may have been born in the dark but he’s living large as the 21st contender for top villain GIFs

22. Hannibal Lecter

Hello Clarice, if you’re looking for Hannibal you can find him lurking on our 22nd spot

23. Palpatine

Good, good…Palpatine’s journey to 23rd place on the top 25 most popular villain GIFs list is complete

24. The Grinch

What does Christmas Eve and the Grinch have in common? They both come in on the 24th

25. Gollum

The precious final spot in this GIF list is taken by none other than this tricksy villain who only has eyes for the One Ring

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