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Tego Calderón Presents “La Receta”

New Music

by Soraya Alcalá
Tego Calderón

Miami, FL

Tego Calderón, the renowned artist is back to release “La Receta.” The long awaited song tells the story of a woman who is exactly what the doctor ordered, and now he’s so involved with her that he doesn’t look elsewhere.  

In October of last year, an image was “leaked” of Tego Calderón in a golf course and many fans were speculating about what that meant, whether it was a modeling or movie shoot. At that time, we rejoiced seeing a little bit of Tego shining in Puerto Rico and we were eager to learn whether this was a new gift for his audience who love him.  

Now, Tego lets fans know that he is back to the field with new music!  

With this release, Tego reminds us why he’s one of the most highlighted artists in the industry. His profound and emotional lyrics and unique and unmistakable style, make this song an instant hit among his followers and new fans.

“La Receta” is a true testament to Tego ‘s commitment with his music and audience. This song is just the beginning of what the artist has prepared for his fans in the future.

We’re excited to learn what the artist has in store in this new stage.

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