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North Star Boys To Release New Single And Music Video On Friday

by Soraya Alcalá

North Star Boys



Featuring Sweet Cameos by Yuzu, the Hottest New Dating and Social App for the Asian Community

New York, NY

The North Star Boys (NSB) are about to make summer even hotter with the release of their newest single and music video, “Bug.” Dropping Friday, May 31, “Bug” is the ultimate love song of the summer, guaranteed to have you catching feelings and dancing to its infectious beat.

NSB’s “Bug” is all about the magic of finding love, being in love, and catching the love bug. With lyrics like “Caught the bug that bit me on my shoulder” and “Glad that I found you on Yuzu,” this track perfectly captures the joy and excitement of friendships and romantic connections. It’s playful, it’s vibrant, and it’s everything you need for a perfect summer soundtrack.

The “Bug” music video is a visual delight, featuring the NSB boys in a sunny mansion, having the time of their lives. Taking viewers on a vibrant journey filled with scenes of endless playful moments and poolside antics, the music video captures the essence of young love and summer fun. The video’s fun and colorful aesthetic perfectly mirrors the lively personalities of the NSB members, making it a must-watch for fans.

“Bug” features catchy lyrics and an irresistible beat, with hooks that you’ll be singing all day long – in the best way possible. The song and music video radiate positivity and happiness, making it impossible not to smile and dance along. Highlighting the modern love journey, NSB’s shoutout to Yuzu in the lyrics brings a fresh, relatable twist to the love song genre.

Yuzu, the new social and dating app for the Asian community, plays a starring role in “Bug.” Mentioned throughout the song and featured prominently in the music video, Yuzu helps set the stage for this heartwarming love story. The video itself is a colorful celebration of love, friendship, and fun, reflecting the dynamic and energetic spirit of both NSB and Yuzu.

Stream “Bug” on all major platforms and watch the music video on YouTube. For more updates and exclusive content, follow NSB and Yuzu on their social media channels.





North Star Boys 




About Yuzu:

For more information visit  www.joinyuzu.com and follow @JoinYuzu on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

About North Star Boys (NSB)

North Star Boys (NSB) is a dynamic collective of Asian-American content creators and musicians who have captured the hearts of millions with their energetic and engaging presence across social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Known for their vibrant personalities and creative flair, NSB produces a wide range of content, including music, vlogs, challenges, and comedy skits. Their mission is to celebrate Asian culture, foster community, and inspire a sense of unity and pride among their fans. With their infectious energy and innovative content, North Star Boys continue to break boundaries and set new standards in the world of digital entertainment.

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