TEMPEST Debut Global K-POP

by Soraya Alcalá

TEMPEST is a team that includes “HANBIN,” who finished fourth in ENHYPEN’s TV show program (made by Big Hit and CJ), and EUIWOONG and HYUNGSEOP, who succeeded in Produce 101 Season 2

TEMPEST is a boy group launched by YUEHUA Entertainment for the first time in 7 years and contains the
aspiration to occupy the K-pop market with the bright and powerful energy of the 7 members. The powerful
performances that TEMPEST will present and the variety of music that crosses genres contain the confidence that has
been prepared for a long time.

TEMPEST consists of 7 members, LEW and HYEONGSEOP, as a project unit called, ‘HYEONGSEOP X
UIWOONG,’ HANBIN and HWARANG, who participated in an audition survival TV show, and HYUK, EUNCHAN, and
TAERAE, who will make the first appearance to the public. TEMPEST has surpassed 223k subscribers at soon as the
YouTube channel was opened, and the K-pop cover video reached more than 1.2M views within 2 weeks of its
release, demonstrating the great impact, establishing TEMPEST as the most notable ROOKIE group in 2022.

TEMPEST’s first debut mini-album, ‘It’s Me, It’s We’ is composed of various genres that contain not only
intensity but also refreshing. This album has sufficient collectible value by putting great effort into all of the tracks.
The powerful and refreshing vocal lines are harmonized by the main vocal; HYUK and lead vocal; HANBIN, and sub
vocals; HYEONGSEOP and EUNCHAN, and lead rapper; LEW, sub rapper; TAERAE joined together to enhance the
perfection of the album. Through such musical perfection and diversity, TEMPEST will be able to obtain the title of,
‘Varified Music of TEMPEST.’

TEMPEST’s title track, ‘Bad News’ will turn the music industry upside down expected to become Big News
and Good News. The title track, ‘Bad News’ paradoxically contains TEMPTEST’s ambition and release to conquer
K-pop. The melody naturally flows between rap and vocal, which harmonizes with a funky rhythm, maximizing the
bright energy of TEMPEST. Lyrics full of confidence, intense performances, and an M/V full of visuals that give a
glimpse into the charm and chemistry of the members.

TEMPEST will satisfy the passionate interest and expectations of K-pop fans around the world who are focused on TEMPEST, the most popular rookie in 2002.

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