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California Wildfire Preparedness Week

by Soraya Alcalá


California Fire Safe Council (CFSC) is proud to partner with Listos California, Governor Gavin Newsom’s emergency preparedness initiative, to roll out a Wildfire Preparedness Toolkit and Trailer Program across California.  Launching this May for Wildfire Preparedness Week, starting with Wildfire Awareness Day on May 1st, the program will provide education and assistance to high-risk fire communities across the state.  Empowering citizens and communities, the program will allocate tools to organize and create wildfire evacuation plans, defensible spaces, community fuel breaks, and home hardening plans.

California Fire Safe Council and Listos California have collaborated to create custom Listos California Trailers and Toolkits in an effort to reach vulnerable communities through projects and education with Listos California Disaster Ready Guides.  Funded by grants, thirteen custom-built Wildfire Preparedness Trailers and forty-two Toolkits have been awarded to local community partners such as Fire Safe Councils, fire prevention agencies and non-profits in regions including: San Diego County, Los Angeles County, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Sacramento, Ventura County, Sonoma County, El Dorado County, Mendocino County, Santa Clara County, Nevada County, Mountain Rim, Ojai Valley, and other cities. Through a partnership with Advanced Logistics, and California Conservation Corps, each Trailer is custom built to accommodate tools, safety equipment, prevention and mitigation essentials, and will be filled with $10,000 in critical supplies to execute impactful local community projects for wildfire prevention and mitigation. The Wildfire Preparedness Toolkits extend education into local communities with portable pop-up information tents and staff to engage and inform local residents at events and public locations.

“Our new Listos California Trailer and Toolkit Program will impact the most at-risk residents through education and tangible community projects on the ground. These projects support the implementation of fuel reduction programs such as community chipper programs, fuel breaks, and roadside and defensible space projects.  The program also utilizes educational tools to spread the ‘Live Fire Safe’ message, and inspire and engage communities,” said Hedi Jalon, Executive Director of CFSC. “We are encouraging residents to get prepared now with fire adapted communities, because wildfire is an inevitable, and increasingly worsening reality for Californians.”

“In California, it’s becoming increasingly essential for disaster readiness to become part of our everyday lives. As we continue to grapple with the twin challenges of wildfire and a global pandemic, we are excited for this innovative partnership with California Fire Safe Council,” said Karen Baker, Architect and Co-Chair of Listos California. “The strength of our campaign has always been our commitment to community based partnerships with organizations and nonprofits, with trust and reach on the ground, and this is just another example of that.”

What can California residents do now?


Californian’s can sign up to learn how to get prepared for natural disasters by texting LISTOSCA to 72345 or by following the direct link below to sign up. Those who sign up will receive a text message every day, for 7 days, to learn how to complete easy, free, or low-cost steps to protect themselves and their families. Direct link: https://listos.arist.co/courses/5f0898b34456264206dbc956.  For preparedness tips and more information, please visit ListosCalifornia.org.

An official Listos CA Trailer and Toolkit Program ribbon cutting ceremony will take place on May 6th at California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (CAL-OES) in Sacramento (Mather HQ).   Stay tuned for updates on the whereabouts of the community Trailers and Toolkits by following @CAFireSafeCouncil on Facebook and @CAFireSafe on Twitter and get involved by sharing updates using #CFSCwildfireprevention.

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