by Soraya Alcalá

Spanish-born visionary artist, C. Tangana, releases a pair of videos for his latest singles “Nominao” and “Hong Kong” leading up to the release of his highly anticipated album El Madrileño on Friday. The double feature, which has cameos from Jorge DrexlerAndrés Calamaro, and some other friends, will unfold like a two-chapter miniseries. The songs and videos are now available for streaming on all digital platforms.

Following the innovative path that C. Tangana took to create his upcoming new album El Madrileño, the musician continues to unite genres with this dual launch. In the clips, fans will travel from Montevideo to Buenos Aires to Madrid and watch as an expertly weaved story transpires between C. TanganaDrexler, and Calamaro— “Nominao,” with Drexler bleeds into “Hong Kong” with Calamaro.

The story told through the clips mirrors that of strange Madrid nights, where nothing is clear due to the blurring of lines that occurs after the sun goes down. From meeting at clandestine locations without closing times to strangers who become friends, C. Tangana builds a cinematographic narrative that is uniquely him while also carrying the musical influences that have inspired him to record El Madrileño. With “Nominao” and “Hong Kong,” fans catch a glimpse of what happens when C. TanganaDrexler, and Calamaro (along with indie actress Paz de la Huerta and her friend Julia de Castro) join forces to create music and the long night fades away into the daylight.

In the video with DrexlerC. Tangana relives the night they both met to watch the 2020 Latin GRAMMY®, where the Uruguayan-born Madrid resident was nominated for “Song of the Year” for his song “Codo con Codo.” In this exact moment C. Tangana’s “Nominao” was born. As his time with Drexler fades out, Calamaro makes an appearance at the end of the video for “Nominao” and setting the tone for “Hong Kong. In the following video, everything begins to err on the side of cinematic chaos as additional elements are introduced. “Hong Kong”demonstrates what happens when three leading forces within the genre begin to collaborate and feed off of each other’s energies creating something altogether new and exciting.

Despite their collaborative chemistry, neither Drexler nor Calamaro had ever met or worked together prior to C. Tangana’s musical project. In “Nominao” and “Hong Kong, both musicians cross paths and team up effortlessly much in part to C. Tangana’s vision for the audiovisual experience he sought to create for the songs.

It is no surprise that C. Tangana’s latest barrier-pushing project brings together two musical legends of Latin Pop-Rock genre for a musical adventure that was captured by frequent collaborators Little Spain. “Nominao” and “Hong Kong” serve as an extraordinary teaser of what is set to happen in the world of El Madrileño upon its release.

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