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Amy Helm Unveils Powerful New Single ‘Money On 7’

by Soraya Alcalá
Amy Helm, the acclaimed singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, releases her poignant new single "Money On 7".

Amy Helm, the acclaimed singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, releases her poignant new single “Money On 7,” offering the first glimpse into her highly anticipated album, Silver City, set for release on September 6 via Sun Records.

Helm’s new album, Silver City, began as a series of letters-in-song, sparked by a deeply personal experience. Reflecting on a young fan who triumphed over addiction only to lose her life to an overdose during the COVID-19 pandemic, Helm wrote “Young Katie,” a heartfelt message to her if she could turn back time. Although this song didn’t make it to the album, it set the tone for the entire project.

What started as a series of personal letters through song soon evolved into a more universal journey through women’s stories: broader narratives that honor the generations of women in Helm’s family and beyond. Recorded at the iconic Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock, New York, each song on Silver City weaves together the trials, journeys, and resilience of women, capturing their enduring spirit. 

Helm shares, “Every year, we gather at my father’s childhood home in Marvell, Arkansas, to honor him with the Levon Helm Down Home Jubilee. But I started thinking — what about the women? The women in my family who shaped my father, who shaped me and my children, and who will shape future generations. These stories transcend time and family; they are the stories of all women.”

The first single, “Money On 7,” stands out as a testament to struggle, late-night worries, and the resilience to move through it all. Co-written with her friend JT, who shared many late-night conversations about the challenges of life on tour, the song captures a period of desolation and persistence, all wrapped in a low-key, horn-driven groove. 

As Helm describes it: “For anyone who’s been single for years and feels like they’re walking through the Sahara — ‘Money On 7’ is about just pressing on and letting time take care of it.”

Listen to “Money On 7” here, and pre-order Silver City here. For performance dates and more information, visit www.amyhelm.com.

  •  About Sun Records: 

Established in 1952 by Sam Phillips, Sun Records is renowned for discovering music legends including Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis. The label moved to Nashville in 1969 where it continued cultivating acclaimed artists Jeannie C. Riley, The Dixie Cups, Linda Martell, and many others. As a member of the newly-formed Sun Label Group under Primary Wave, Sun Records continues to foster musical innovation while honoring its rich history of shaping American music culture.

For more information, visit https://sunrecords.com

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