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Alejandra Guzmán Releases A Surprise New Song

by Soraya Alcalá

“Primera y Última Vez”

After her successful single “Lado Oscuro”, which has reached the top 10 on Mexican radio, Alejandra Guzmán decides to introduce her new hit “Primera y Ultima Vez” [First and Last Time] as a surprise for her millions of fans.

In a career like Alejandra Guzmán’s, full of strong and deeply personal anthems, this new single may be one of her strongest and most personal yet. In her own words:

“Sometimes you have to slap with a white glove: it’s setting limits, it’s saying enough is enough. I was convinced when I wrote it in December, paying attention to my personality and emotions, to who I am. I wrote it with Ale Seaguer and Benjamín Díaz and, since I trusted my sixth sense as a woman. The process of creating this song was a lot of fun. There are many women who can understand me, and it is something that happens to many women at some point in life.

You decide to take a step forward, move on to a new situation, and mark a final end.

It’s the first step to moving forward from a situation that no longer works for you.”

We invite you to hear Alejandra Guzmán’s new success using the following link:


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