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THINGS TO DO IN #MIAMI @CultureOwl® @columnaestilos

by Soraya Alcalá

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CultureOwl® is dedicated to the rich cultural tapestry of South Florida. Every week, the team gathers a round of events and things to do in Miami, South Florida, to expose the public to all interesting happenings.

FOR THIS WEEK 07/10/2017 – 07/16/2017

Peter Pan [Fri 7/14 – Sun 7/16]

Acclaimed director Sally Cookson brings her version of Peter Pan to

THINGS TO DO MIAMI @columnaestilos

THINGS TO DO MIAMI @columnaestilos

Art Cinema from Friday, July 14th to Sunday July 16th. JM Barrie’s beloved tale tells a story about Peter Pan, leader of the Lost Boys, who loses his shadow during a visit to London. There, he meets Wendy and her brothers and together they go on a magical adventure with fairies and pirates. According to The Guardian, “The pleasure of the show is that it always exposes the mechanics – including the rigging for the flying – and invites audiences of all ages to bring their imaginations to bear.”

Mark “Jiggy” Jigarjian for NY Comedy [Night Thu 7/13]

Comedian-podcaster-musician Mark “Jiggy” Jigarjian who attracted thousands of listeners with his weekly releases on I-tunes will take the stage of Boca Black Box on Thursday, July 13th at 8:00PM. The versatile comedian gained popularity after his national television debut on sketch show Jokers Wild on TruTV and releasing a full-length comedy album.

Jurassic Park in 35mm [Sat 7/15 – Sun 7/16]

Steven Spielberg’s adventure film Jurassic Park will be shown on a 35mm screen at Coral Gables Art Cinema from Satirday, July 15th to Sunday, July 16th. Released in, the CGI and animatronic dinosaurs left a huge impact on the movie industry and turned into a landmark, loved by generations to come. “Jurassic Park” follows palaeontologists Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) and their adventures on millionaire John Hammond’s (Richard island, full of live dinosaurs.

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