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Festive Holiday Craft Ideas

by Colaborador EMedia

The Holiday Season is Here




By TheSoul Publishing 

  • DIY Tie-Dye Ornament: Make your own tie-dye ornament! Simply break up a few crayons (colors of your choice) and drop the pieces into a clear glass ornament. Using a hair dryer, carefully heat up the ornament, causing the crayons to melt. As the crayons are melting, gently tilt the ornament side to side allowing the colors to evenly mix and spread around the whole inside. Once complete, allow the ornament to dry, reattach the top, and add your newest ornament to your tree!
  • Festive Wreath on a Budget: If you’re looking to brighten up your holiday décor without breaking the bank, try this DIY wreath hack. Take a wire hanger and carefully bend it out of shape, turning it into a circle and twisting the top of the hanger open. Next, place any color of plastic ornaments around the wire, varying in sizes to create a full-looking effect. Once complete, twist the top of the hanger back together and place a ribbon over the remaining exposed wire, adding a bow to the center. Now, you’ll have a cheap, easy DIY wreath that you can easily hang up!
  • Christmas Tree Napkins: If you have an upcoming holiday celebration, this Christmas tree napkin design is a must for your table. Using a green fabric napkin, begin by folding it in half then in half again, creating a diamond shape. Next, pull each layer down into a triangle shape, leaving a small space in between each layer. Then, flip the napkin over and fold it in half so both sides meet in the center. Flip it back over and tuck the pointed end of each fold under, leaving you with one big triangle shape. Add a cinnamon stick as the “trunk” and a star on top and you’re all set!
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