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Dog Yoga The Latest Trend

by Colaborador EMedia

What is Doga?

By Lily Velez
Medically reviewed by Veterinarians.org Staff

It’s no secret that dog yoga is on the rise. It’s an approachable exercise, and there’s a wealth of health benefits in practicing it.

By some counts, just 15 minutes of yoga every day can change our brain’s chemistry and boost our moods. Other authorities have even deemed yoga a “natural anxiety relief.”

Considering 84% of U.S. adults feel at least one emotion associated with stress, there’s no better time than now to tap into our inner yogis. And, while we’re at it, why not help our pups find their inner “dogi”? After all, our furbabies feed off of our emotions, which means pets too feel stressed.

Good news is you needn’t reinvent the wheel to incorporate your dog into your yoga practice. Here, we’re digging into this relatively new-wave yoga practice, the health benefits of it for you and your pet, plus dog yoga poses to help Fido find their flow state.

What is Doga?

Doga is dog yoga, meaning doing yoga with your dog. It’s also sometimes referred to as puppy yoga, when you’re doing yoga with a puppy.

And while yoga was introduced to the U.S. in the 1800s, doga was apparently coined by yoga practitioner Suzi Teitelman in just 2001. As with any atypical fitness routine, some are quick to write off doga as a gimmick. Hey, beer yoga, bunny yoga, and even goat yoga exists.

What sets doga apart is that the practice benefits the animal, too. While traditional yoga is a mind-body practice, doga is a mind-body-doggy practice. The flow of energy is between you and your pup, not just your own body. And just as humans who do yoga are called yogis, dogs who do yoga are called dogis. Clever, right?

Generally, doga is practiced in two ways:

  • You help your pet strike dog yoga poses.
  • Your dog is nearby as you flow through your yoga routine.

Believe it or not, the benefits are about the same for each approach. That’s because, above all, doga is a bonding experience with your pup.

 Benefits of Doga



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