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Beyond Hormones Shares 7 Holistic Strategies For Mastering Menopause

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Unexplained weight gain, bursts of inescapable heat, sleepless nights and disappearing libido are just a few of the unwelcome symptoms most menopausal women must endure alongside their typical work/life responsibilities.


Clarissa Kristjansson, neuroscientist, holistic menopause health expert and host of the Thriving Thru Menopause podcast, recognized that despite the increasing conversation surrounding this stage of life, women are still entering menopause feeling disempowered and confused about how to manage the whirlwind of menopausal changes impacting their health and well-being.


“They deserve thoughtful, modern, holistic information about weight gain, sleep disruption, anxiety, changes in libido and how to overcome the negativity that surrounds aging in our modern-day society,” Kristjansson said.


In her new book, Beyond Hormones: 7 Holistic Ways to Thrive Through Menopause, Kristjansson contends that menopause is a whole life experience that deserves a wide-ranging approach combining aspects of mindfulness, nutrition, daily movement, therapy and psychobiology grounded in science, alongside the support that can come from medical solutions.

Drawing on over 200 in-depth conversations with leading world experts and her decade of working with women, Kristjansson focusses on vital non-hormonal support that women can easily implement, whether they choose hormone therapy or go a natural route.

In the book, readers will discover:

  • Nutritional blueprints that align with their bodies’ changing needs, empowering them to feel energized and balanced.
  • Deep insights into hormonal upheavals and how they influence physical, mental and emotional health.
  • Practical strategies for managing common symptoms, from hot flashes to mood swings, with easy lifestyle adjustments.
  • Movement and exercise regimens tailored to bolster strength, flexibility and mental clarity.
  • Sleep solutions that address the elusive quest for restful nights, reconnecting women with the healing power of sleep.
  • A supportive perspective on sexual health, rekindling intimacy, and pleasure during menopause and beyond.
  • Steps to transform societal stereotypes into a celebration of growth, wisdom and the beauty of evolving.


“As women, we can be in the driver’s seat of this transition,” Kristjansson added. “Life doesn’t end at menopause — it’s the start of a new and wonderful chapter.”


About the Author

Clarissa Kristjansson, Ph.D., is a respected, certified menopause health coach and a mindfulness and Chinese medicine practitioner. Her podcast, Thriving Thru Menopause, is ranked among the top 20 health and wellness podcasts of 2024. She is a regular speaker, advocating for a positive and empowered approach to menopause, and is also the author of Mindful Menopause and The Potent Power of Menopause.

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