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Best Charities For 2024

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Americans donated an estimated $499 billion to charity in 2022.

By Luke Powers

Americans donated an estimated $499 billion to charity in 2022. Our collective generosity supports many different causes each year, but donations are not keeping up with inflationary pressure. Charitable giving is actually down year over year after adjusting for inflation.

There are thousands of charities, which can make it hard to decide which ones to donate to. Taking that fact into account, along with the impact of high inflation, we did the legwork to find the best options for you in various categories. We compared nearly 300,000 charities based on our proprietary SmileHub rating, which includes five categories: financial health, management overhead, fundraising efficiency, program efficiency and transparency. We also identified the best organizations to donate to overall, by size, and for each of the most popular causes.

If you want to explore more charities than those listed below, check out our search tool to find more of the best charities for 2024.

Best Charities Overall

Charity Name SmileHub Rating Coverage Area Category
Optica 94 National Research
Aga Khan Foundation 91 National International Support
Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust 91 National Economic Development
Nationwide Children’s Hospital 91 National Health & Wellness
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) 91 National Research
The United States Olympic Endowment 90 National Sports & Recreation
Research to Prevent Blindness 89 National Research
Volunteers of America National Services 88 National Community Support
Veterans United Foundation 88 National Veterans
MAP International 87 National International Support
ASTM International 87 National Research
MedShare 87 National International Support
EY Foundation 87 National Education
WaterStone 87 National Economic Development
Mather Foundation 87 National Health & Wellness
Foundation Housing 86 National Community Support
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital 86 National Health & Wellness
Rockefeller Family Fund 86 National Economic Development
American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) 85 National Sports & Recreation
Friends of the Children 85 National Children


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