Deport Maria Gabriela Chavez and send her back to Venezuela

  • Publicado: March 6th, 2019
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Maria Gabriela Chavez, has $4.2billion in assets held in American and Andorran banks

Consistent with United State’s position on Venezuela and its decision of not recognizing Maduro’s regime, the Venezuelan people respectfully request the deportation of Maria Gabriela Chavez, Daughter of Hugo Chavez and Maduro’s permanent delegate to the UN. Mrs Chavez has been openly criticizing US democracy and culture while in US soil.

She represents a narco regime and a terrorist state. Moreover, despite being in New York on public duties, she has failed to attend UN general council meetings in 3 of last 5 ocassions. Finally, she is listed as a known recipient of large sums of money resulting from systematic corruption in Venezuela and therefore should be investigated by OFAC.



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