Coronavirus Focuses Florida Voter Concerns on Healthcare Reform

  • Publicado: March 18th, 2020
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With the Democratic field narrowed to just two candidates, Americans in Florida were faced with not only choosing candidates, but also choosing between a pathway to Sanders’ Medicare-for-All approach or Biden’s universal healthcare. .

“Today more than 70 million Americans are either uninsured or underinsured,” said Edward Eichhorn, co-architect of the Eichhorn-Hutchinson Universal Healthcare Plan. “These are individuals who typically do not seek medical care when they become ill. If these citizens get infected and do not either self-isolate or shelter-in-place they will exponentially increase the potential for community spread of COVID-19,” Eichhorn said.

Eichhorn applauded the President’s immediate emergency funding plan that encourages everyone – with or without insurance – to self-isolate or shelter-in-place and seek treatment during this health crisis.

“Many U.S. citizens live paycheck-to-paycheck and, when they become infected, are likely to continue to work during the early stages, thereby unintentionally infecting whomever they come in contact with,” Eichhorn added.

Dr. Michael Hutchinson, co-author of the plan stated: “In the long-term we need a better, well-planned approach to universal healthcare for Americans that will reduce costs, improve outcomes and encourage physicians to continue to practice medicine. Simply put, Medicare-for-All, as it stands, is not that plan.”

The Healing American Healthcare Coalition endorses the universal healthcare plan co-authored by Eichhorn and Hutchinson. According to the Coalition, if the United States were to adopt this approach, employers would be required to provide healthcare plans, but could choose between being self-insured, buying private insurance, or selecting a competitive public option.

“The current COVID-19 crisis is a wakeup call to public policy makers in the United States,” Dr. Hutchinson said. “Future plans for effectively managing life-threatening health-related events like the novel coronavirus should begin with a universal healthcare plan that provides comparable coverage for all Americans.”

By fostering competition in the private insurance market with a cost-effective public option, the Eichhorn-Hutchinson plan is expected to reduce employer healthcare costs by as much as 30%.

The Coalition believes that implementing the Eichhorn-Hutchinson universal healthcare plan would not lead to an increase in government funding, and it is likely that federal and state costs for Medicaid would decline. In total, it is estimated that the Eichhorn-Hutchinson plan could save up to one trillion dollars per year while covering every U.S. citizen for their essential health benefits.

“As former Vice-President Biden said during the most recent Democratic debate, ‘we need results, not a revolution’,” said Coalition Executive Director, John Dalton. “The Eichhorn-Hutchinson plan would provide Floridians and citizens throughout the nation universal healthcare quicker, with less disruption and, better still, substantial cost savings.”

Key Features of the Eichhorn-Hutchinson Plan

• All employers provide health insurance
• No increase in federal or state taxes
• Public option funded by employers as an alternative to commercial insurance
• Corporations could save up to $174 billion annually
• Public option will create price competition
• Preserves a role for private insurers
• Healthcare costs can be reduced to 12 percent of GDP over ten years (from the current 19%)
• Medical billing will be simplified
• Medical-related bankruptcies in the U.S. will decrease by at least 50 percent
• Drug prices will be negotiated on a national level
• American life expectancy will increase
• Insurance premiums will decrease by as much as 30 percent
• Up to one trillion dollars in cost reduction annually

A reference book that describes the plan in greater detail, “Healing American Healthcare”, was recently made available to thousands of libraries throughout the United States through New Shelves Books. For more information about the Eichhorn-Hutchinson plan visit


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