Celebrate Fathers Day with your favorite TV Dad

  • Publicado: June 12th, 2019
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Which TV dad is your state’s favorite?


In honor of all the Father’s out there, the analysts at HowToWatch.com have created a national report revealing each state’s favorite TV Dad. Get ready to celebrate to Father’s Day (and hear cheesy dad jokes) with your most loved on-screen dad.

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Report highlights include:

  • Homer Simpson from The Simpsons and Jack Pearson from This Is Us were the two most popular TV dads. (Could these two get any more different?)
  • Goths dads for the win! Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Oklahoma, and Texas dote on the one and only
  • Gomez Addams from The Addams Family.
  • California chose one of their own–Danny Tanner from Full House–who raises his family in the city by the bay, San Fransisco.

Football loving Nebraska is still obsessed with Friday Night Lights dad Coach Taylor.

To determine each state’s favorite dad, our team utilized IMBD results to build a list of famous TV father figures. Using search data over the last 12 months from Google Trends, we were able to see which dad each state loves the most.


Read the full report here



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