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Have an olive day 

easter recipes

Easter celebrations are almost here, an occasion that is lived with fun activities for the kids of the house. Have an Olive Day makes it easy to prepare delicious recipes for the little ones which also delight the grown-ups, while looking for eggs filled with goodies.

European table olives have everything you need to surprise them with Easter snacks … a way to give a reward full of flavor to the great winners of the “Easter egg hunts.

” For families who are already thinking about one of the most fun days of the year.

Prepare these amazing muffings with Hojiblanca black olives. It’s the best way to enjoy the real Spanish flavor.

Black olive chip muffins

Ingredients (24 unit)
• Hojiblanca olives
• 3,53 Onz. Pastry flour
• 3,53 Onz. Sugar
• 0,18 Onz. Leaven
• 0,21 pt. Soft olive oil
• 0,07 pt. Milk
• 2 eggs

Step 1: Mix the eggs with the sugar. Then add the liquids and beat. Finally, add dry ingredients (flour and leaven).

Step 2: Dehydrate Hojiblanca olives in the microwave and add them to the dough.

Step 3: Put the dough in a muffin pan. Bake at 392ºF for 20 minutes.


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