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Tommy has a peanut allergy.  Susie can’t have soy. No lactose for Jackson. What’s a well-intentioned fellow parent to do with Valentine’s day just around the corner? Sending fun sugar-laden Valentine’s with your elementary school child has never been more complicated thanks to the rise of food allergies.  Gone are the days of adding a few candy hearts or a mini chocolate bar to your child’s Valentine’s to schoolmates–but the fun of adding a little extra something to the envelope doesn’t have to be. 

Wacky Links™ , the manufacturer of a sweet DIY kit for kids, has come up with the perfect solution.  Throw a few heart charms and the soft tubes they connect with to make necklaces, bracelets, and backpack charms in each valentine and spread the creativity (instead of cavity) inducing love.

One charm and one tube will make a bracelet that fits most children’s wrists at a price that won’t break most parents’ budgets–$0.66 each. Simply let your child drop a few pieces into each envelope with their heartfelt cards and watch the magic unfold. Wacky Links™ inspires kids to build, wear, and share their creations, not just on February 14th, but long after. 

And if your kid is not big on hearts, Wacky Links™ has still got you covered with eight themed kits ranging from dinosaurs to winter fun to ocean adventures. You can find them at your local toy store, or online at

Wacky Links is a company wholly committed to the importance of play. Our award-winning Wacky Links™DIY kit is made of soft colorful tubes that connect to fun iconic charms. Boys and girls ages 4-8 love to use their imaginations and Wacky Links™ to create bracelets, necklaces, backpack charms, headbands and more! Ultra-light, parents can bring Wacky Links™ to restaurants, doctor appointments, or vacation getaways for hours of entertainment.

Wacky Links™ are reusable so they can be used, taken apart and put back together or exchanged for hours of creative play. Wacky Links™ make everyone want to build, wear, share!

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