El vínculo: La conexión existente entre nosotros


El vínculo: La conexión existente entre nosotros

Este libro ofrece una nueva historia científica de la vida y la experiencia humana, que cuestiona la manera en que nos concebimos a nosotros mismos y a nuestro mundo. El vínculo demuestra que el impulso esencial de la vida es la voluntad de conectarse, en lugar de competir. De hecho, estamos inevitablemente conectados, cableados entre sí al nivel más elemental, a partir de células hasta sociedades enteras. El deseo de ayudar a los demás es tan necesario que lo experimentamos como uno de nuestros mayores placeres, tan esencial como comer o tener relaciones sexuales, tener éxito y prosperar solo cuando nos vemos como parte de una grandeza mayor. Cada conflicto que se produce se resuelve sólo cuando totalmente podemos ver y abrazar el espacio, el vínculo entre nosotros. El vínculo ofrece un plan de aliento, un plan visionario de una nueva forma de vivir, en armonía con nuestra verdadera naturaleza y con los demás, y una nueva manera de sanar nuestras relaciones, nuestras comunidades y nuestro mundo.

Esta divulgadora científica ya nos sorprendió con su libro El campo. Ahora vuelve a la carga con esta publicación que cuestiona nuestro sentido de la realidad basándose en los últimos descubrimientos de la ciencia de vanguardia. Nos habla de las conexiones ocultas que demuestran que considerarnos como individuos es solo una parte de la realidad. Hay otras visiones que demuestran que somos células de un superorganismo. Al igual que existe la hormiga, también existe el hormiguero. Son dos realidades de conciencias interdependientes, reales y sujetas a leyes diferentes. A nosotros los humanos, nos sucede lo mismo.



In each of the pages of this book you will find something that will make you jump of joy. It’s like when we secretly suspect something but cannot be true, because nobody talks about it, and now suddenly it proves to be true. Your soul has been thirsting for this information, and now you will not be able to stop drinking it. Not very often a book says things so clear.

Marianne Williamson




The author provides ample and fascinating examples of holistic, altruistic, and uplifting behaviors.


Publishers Weekly




This visionary book offers pioneering discoveries told in compelling stories, as well as hope and an action plan in these troubled times. Read this book and change your life and the life of everyone around you.


Editorial Review




Once in a very great while, a book comes along that shifts our sense of reality, or extols a new way of living. Lynne McTaggart¹s extraordinary new book, The Bond, does both.


Deepak Chopra



The Bond shows that the essential impulse of all life is a will to connect rather than a drive to compete. Every conflict is resolved when we can fully see and embrace the space between us. Is a plan for a new way to live, in harmony with our true nature and with each other, and a new way to heal our relationships, our neighborhoods, and our world. For centuries, Western science and many Western cultures have taught us to think of ourselves as individuals. But today, a revolutionary new understanding is emerging from the laboratories of the most cutting-edge physicists, biologists, and psychologists:


What matters is not the isolated entity, but the space between things, the relationship of things, The Bond.


By international bestselling author Lynne McTaggart, The Bond is the culmination of her groundbreaking work. It offers a completely new, scientific story of life and the human experience, one that challenges the very way we conceive of ourselves and our world. In fact, we are inescapably connected, hardwired to each other at our most elemental level, from cells to whole societies. The desire to help others is so necessary that we experience it as one of our chief pleasures, as essential as eating and having sex, and we succeed and prosper only when we see ourselves as part of a greater whole. Every conflict that occurs-whether between husband and wife, social or racial groups, or nations, is resolved only when we can fully see and embrace the space, the bond, between us.


McTaggart offers detailed recommendations to help foster more holistic thinking, more cooperative relationships, and more unified social groups. Blending interviews and human stories into an absorbing narrative, she shows how:


. A simple daily practice conditions the brain to enable you to become more empathetic toward others.


. A new way of speaking and listening can overcome polarization, helping the staunchest of enemies to become close friends.


. People who fire together wire together: Whenever a group works together for a common goal, the brains of all parties begin to get on the same wavelength, strengthening the bond within the group.


. Fairness is more powerful than unfairness: A small group of individuals committed to strong reciprocity can “invade” a population of self-interested individuals and create a fairer society.


The Bond offers a breathtaking, visionary plan for a new way to live, in harmony with our true nature and with each other, and a new way to heal our relationships, our neighborhoods, and our world.


By: Lynne McTaggart

9788478087846 | PB | 368 Pages | $20.95 | Editorial Sirio | Mind, Body & Spirit


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